Tips & Tricks in Picking Exterior Paint Colors

Tips & Tricks in Picking Exterior Paint Colors


Picking the perfect paint color for the exterior of a commercial building is a crucial decision that can have significant implications for a business’s image and curb appeal. Whether you manage an office complex or own a storefront, the color you choose sets the tone for the first impression customers and clients receive. In the vibrant and bustling cityscape of Orlando, FL, your commercial painting selection needs to be strategic, eye-catching, and durable.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through key considerations and insider tips for selecting commercial exterior paint colors. If at any point you feel you need a professional touch, remember that expert help is right around the corner. For top-notch commercial painting in Orlando, FL, Lakestone Painting is your go-to service provider, offering a free consultation to jumpstart your property’s transformation.


Understand Your Environment

When selecting an exterior paint color, consider the architectural style of your building and the surrounding landscape. Orlando's unique blend of traditional and modern architecture provides a canvas for creativity. Research the prevalent styles and color schemes within your area and think about how your color choice can complement or boldly stand out against this backdrop.

Corporate Identity and Branding

Your business's color scheme should reflect your brand's ethos and identity. If your logo or branding features particular colors, it can be beneficial to incorporate these into your exterior to strengthen brand recognition. A dash of your signature color as an accent or a bold statement wall with your brand hues can have a powerful impact.

Weather and Durability

In the sunny climate of Orlando, FL, the resilience of your paint color against fading and weathering is a particularly important consideration. Opt for high-quality paint products designed to withstand the strong UV rays and humid conditions typical in this region.

Color Psychology Matters

Color influences emotions and behaviors, making your choice impactful beyond aesthetics. Different shades evoke various feelings; for example, blues convey trust and calm, while reds are energetic and bold. Consider what emotions are aligned with your business when selecting your palette.

Always Test Your Colors

Before committing, test your top color choices on a section of your exterior. Observe how the colors look throughout the day under different lighting conditions. This will ensure that your selection maintains its appeal from the bright Orlando morning sun to the more subtle evening light.

Seek Professional Advice

Sometimes, professional guidance can be invaluable. For businesses in Orlando, reaching out to a seasoned painting service like Lakestone Painting can offer insights into the latest trends, the best products for longevity, and techniques for a flawless finish.



Choosing the right exterior paint color can be complex, but it’s also an opportunity to make your business stand out. Keep in mind your branding, the physical aspects of your location, and the psychological effects of color. And when in doubt, consult with professionals who specialize in commercial painting in Orlando, FL.

For businesses aiming to refresh their exterior with confidence, Lakestone Painting is here to provide expertise and top-quality service. Contact us now for a free consultation and take the first step towards an eye-catching commercial presence.

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