Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Exterior Paint Colors

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Exterior Paint Colors


In the vibrant city of Orlando, FL, where architecture and design meld into conversation pieces, the choice of exterior paint colors is akin to a symphonic movement. It's about harmony, style, and, ultimately, that elusive sense of curb appeal, which holds the potential to turn passersby into admirers and customers.

Yet, the complexities of selecting the perfect coat are often underrated. Each brush stroke carries with it the weight of brand identity, cultural context, and even the local climate. In this guide, we’ll explore the multifaceted considerations that should color your external color decisions.

If you're envisioning a paint job for your commercial building or have the palette panicking, take a deep breath. We're about to mix up a delightful spectrum of advice that can turn your façade into the bell of the ball.


Color Psychology at the Business Front

The hues you select for your commercial building can set the tone for the entire business. It goes beyond personal preference to a science of how colors trigger emotional responses and perceptions.

Blue Lullaby: A serene and professional color often used by establishments that aim to convey trust and stability. Think law firms or financial institutions.

Green with Envy: The color of balance and growth, green can suggest eco-friendliness or a fresh take on the market.

Power Red and Passionate Pinks: Redder hues can incite passion and energy, often used in fine dining or entertainment venues, while softer pinks can give a more youthful, gentle impression often utilized by health and beauty businesses.

Mellow Yellow: Evoking feelings of optimism and creativity, yellow is a popular choice for spaces that encourage a lively atmosphere, such as boutiques or lively cafes.

Tread carefully; while yellow may attract the eye, a thoughtlessly chosen shade might do more harm than good. Keep in mind the cultural significance of colors as well. In some cultures, yellow is a sacred color, while in others, it’s associated with jealousy.

The Seasons of Color

Orlando's temperate climate offers a near-constant color call for your commercial exterior. However, acknowledging the seasonal shifts can help your business remain relevant and appealing.

Spring Shades

Calm yet fresh, the pastel palette of spring can soften your business's presence, inviting customers to imagine the bright future your business can offer.

Summer Sizzle

Vivid and varied, summer’s corals and teals can create a vibrant setting for the high-energy season of sunshine and travel, catching eyes as they turn towards vacation mode.

Autumn Allure

Rich, earthy tones provide a grounded appeal, signaling a return to routine and offering a comforting zone for your clientele.

Winter White (or Should We Say Bold Blacks)

With holiday décor in full swing, classic whites and bold blacks can complement the festive atmosphere.

Climate Cushion

Orlando's climate punctuates itself with rain and potential hurricane winds. Your business's exterior not only stands as the first line of defense against the elements but also as a showcase of resilience and preparedness. Invest in high-quality, weather-resistant paints that can promise longevity and ease of maintenance.

Zoning Zen

Local zoning regulations can restrict the wilder shades of your color spectrum. To avoid a date with the local planning board, ensure your preferred palette complies with zoning regulations. It's just another layer to consider, but one that saves you from potential setbacks and repaints.

Competitive Contrast

Do a reconnaissance of the area in which your business is based. Observe the colors of your competitors' buildings. Your goal might not be to blend in, but to attract the eye in a way that complements the neighborhood's aesthetic.

Branding Brilliance

Your building’s paint should reflect your company's brand message. Do you want to convey innovation, reliability, or perhaps a little of both? A well-thought-out scheme can reinforce your brand identity and help customers remember you.

If your brand colors are a vibrant orange, then painting the entire exterior may be overwhelming. Consider how you can incorporate the brand colors for a touch of recognition, without leaving the customer feeling over-saturated.

Historic Harmony

Orlando is a city with deep-rooted history and culture. Many commercial buildings, especially in the downtown area, have a heritage that demands respect and preservation. Research on the historical significance and traditional colors associated with your building’s architectural style can guide you in selecting colors that honor the past while stepping into the future.

The Big (and Little) Picture

Take into account the aesthetics of the entire structure. You don't want the colors to clash with the materials or design features of the building. Bold and modern might work for some, but elegance and subtlety might be better appreciated by others.

Color Testing and Technology

Gone are the days of guessing and swatch-pasting. With today's technology, you can Photoshop different colors onto a picture of your building to see which works best. Many paint suppliers offer these services. It’s a step worth investing in to save you time and money.

Furthermore, testing the chosen colors on the actual building can save you from dramatic surprises. Natural light can play tricks with how we perceive color, so observing your samples at different times of the day is crucial.

Longevity and Maintenance

While a fresh coat of paint can invigorate your business, the frequency with which you’ll have to do so should be a primary concern. Opt for a color that will stand the test of time, at least until your next rebranding cycle. Additionally, ensure that the paint is washable to maintain its luster without breaking your maintenance budget.

Investment In Painting

The cost of painting your commercial building isn't merely a one-time expense. It's an investment in your business's image and appeal. Therefore, a comprehensive budgeting of the project – from paint selection to labor – is paramount.

DIY versus Professional

While a DIY paint job can seem cost-effective, the time, effort, and potential for errors can quickly turn it into a costly endeavor. Professional painters, particularly those experienced in commercial projects, not only promise a quicker turnaround but also bring expertise in handling large-scale work.

Seasonal Strategies

Optimizing the timing of your paint job can lead to cost savings. High demand seasons often mean higher prices; planning off-season could result in a competitive deal with your painting vendor.

The Primer Principle: Don’t skip the primer. An extra layer of surface preparation can prevent future issues and provide a better base for the final paint.

Understanding Finish Options: The finish you choose can affect the final appearance and maintenance. Flat paints are elegant but more prone to staining, while gloss finishes are durable but can highlight imperfections.

Green Painting: In an age where sustainability is becoming paramount, opt for eco-friendly paints. Not only do these reduce your business's environmental impact, but they also often come with long-term benefits in terms of quality and cost.

In a city as dynamic as Orlando, your commercial building’s external colors are like a billboard, telling the story of your business. It's a marketing tool with the power to uplift your presence from the street – if you wield it wisely.

For a brush with excellence in commercial painting in Orlando, FL, take the next step with Lakestone Painting. Contact us today for a color consultation that brings out the best in your business's façade, inside and out. Whether you're a start-up dreamer or a seasoned entrepreneur, we’ll make sure your brand vibrancy echoes through Orlando’s streets.

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