What to Look For in a Commercial Painting Contractor

What to Look For in a Commercial Painting Contractor


When it comes to giving your commercial property a fresh look, hiring a professional painting contractor is a wise decision. A professional painting contractor can provide you with high-quality results that not only enhance the appearance of your building but also help to protect it from harsh weather conditions. However, choosing the right contractor can be a daunting task, especially when there are countless options available. This blog post will help you understand what to look for in a commercial painting contractor.


Experience and Expertise

When you are looking for a commercial painting contractor, make sure to choose the one who has experience with commercial painting. Commercial painting requires knowledge of materials and techniques that differ from residential painting. An experienced and expert painting contractor can provide you with the best possible outcome. They will have a better understanding of your unique commercial painting needs and can offer valuable suggestions to enhance the overall look and longevity of your painted surface.

Certifications and Licensing

Certifications and licensing are important factors to consider when selecting a commercial painting contractor. A licensed contractor is a sign that they follow all of the state and local regulations, have the proper insurance, and ensures safe work practices. A certified painting contractor indicates that they have advanced training or completed a specific painting course. By hiring a licensed and certified painting contractor, you get the assurance that the work will be done professionally, and you’re protected from any liability.

Quality of Products Used

The quality of products used by a commercial painting contractor can significantly affect the outcome of the paint job. Using high-quality products ensures the longevity of the paint job and protects your investment. Make sure to ask the contractor what kind of paints, primers, and finishes they use before hiring them.

Reputation and References

The reputation and references of a commercial painting contractor provide a considerable insight into their quality of work. Check online reviews to get an idea of what clients have said about their experience working with the contractor. You may also ask the contractor for references, and do your due diligence on their feedback. A reputable contractor will be happy to provide you references.

Professionalism and Communication

Professionalism and communication are key when it comes to building a long-term relationship with a commercial painting contractor. Hire contractors who are punctual, courteous, and are responsive within a reasonable amount of time. Before hiring them, ask the contractor about their communication process and ensure there is a clear line of communication.


When it comes to selecting the right commercial painting contractor, experience, expertise, certification, licensing, quality of products used, reputation, references, professionalism, and communication all play a significant role. Keep these factors in mind when finding a contractor for your painting needs. Remember, taking your time to research and find the right contractor can end up saving you money and give you peace of mind. At Lakestone Painting, we are committed to providing high-quality painting services to our clients in Orlando. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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