Transforming the Look and Feel of Your School District with Commercial Painting

Transforming the Look and Feel of Your School District with Commercial Painting


A well-maintained school district with a fresh coat of paint can attract prospective students, parents and teachers, making a lasting impression. It should be the goal of every school district to ensure that their facilities are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. A professional and well-executed commercial painting project can go a long way in achieving this goal. In Orlando, FL, there’s no better company to turn to than Lakestone Painting. Our team of experienced professionals has worked with school districts of all sizes and complexities throughout Central Florida. We understand the challenges of painting schools while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing academic activities. With our expertise in commercial painting, you can confidently revitalize your school district with a fresh coat of paint both inside and out.


1. Professionalism

Hiring a professional commercial painting company ensures a smooth, worry-free experience, especially for large-scale projects like schools. Lakestone Painting employs skilled and licensed painters who are dedicated to ensuring that your project receives the utmost attention to detail and care. With our streamlined project management process, we ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to your daily routines. We’re committed to providing you with exemplary customer service throughout the entire project.

2. Customization

Every school district is unique, with specific paint requirements and preferences tailored to the district’s atmosphere and demographics. Lakestone Painting is committed to providing customized painting solutions to meet the needs of your school district. Whether it be brightening up classrooms with bold colors or incorporating murals and graphics to inspire creativity, our team can help bring your vision to life.

3. Quality Paints and Products

At Lakestone Painting, we only use high-quality paints and products that stand up to the daily grind of schools. From the classroom walls to the unique exterior finishes, we ensure that your chosen paint product is durable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Our team stays on top of the latest advancements in commercial painting products and techniques to deliver the best results to our clients.

4. Safety Regulations

Schools are a place of learning, and it’s crucial to ensure that health and safety regulations are met during painting projects. Our team is well-versed in ensuring that the project adheres to the necessary safety measures, including lead and VOC regulations. We take pride in our ability to deliver environmentally friendly painting projects without compromising on quality.

5. Long-term Maintenance

At Lakestone Painting, we’re committed to providing long-term maintenance solutions that ensure your school district remains in a pristine state for years to come. Our team is available for annual maintenance check-ups, touch-ups, and regular care to ensure that your paint job always looks new. With our services, you can be assured of the long-term value of the investment you make in your school district.



At Lakestone Painting, we understand that the painting project of a school district requires exceptional workmanship, quality products, and consistent customer service. Allow us the opportunity to assist you in transforming your school district for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Whether it’s brightening up classrooms, incorporating murals, or painting the exterior of your building, our team of professionals has the necessary skills, experience, and attention-to-detail required for an exceptional finish. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your school district with commercial painting in Orlando, FL.

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