Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor

Top Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Painting Contractor


Hiring a commercial painting contractor is a big decision. Your facility’s appearance is the first thing that clients see, so it’s important to choose a professional commercial painting contractor for the job. Without the right contractor, your project can be delayed and cost much more than expected. We have put together a few questions to help you make the right decision and hire the best commercial painting contractor for your project.


1. What type of paint do you use?

The type of paint your contractor uses is essential. You want to make sure that the paint used for your facility is durable, high-quality, and has a long-lasting finish. Ask the contractor about the type of paint used for different surfaces. A professional contractor should be knowledgeable and should recommend different options based on your facility's needs.

2. Do you have a license and insurance?

A valid license and insurance are crucial when hiring a commercial painting contractor. This secures you in case of any accidents or damages during the project. Without a proper license, it is impossible to guarantee quality work. Hiring a company without insurance can leave you responsible for any potential accidents or injuries that occur during the project.

3. Can you provide references?

Ask the commercial painting contractor for references to previous clients. This will give you an opportunity to see firsthand the quality of their work. Take some time to contact the references and ask about their experience working with the contractor. Did they complete the project on time? Did they stay within budget? What was their experience working with the team?

4. What is your project timeline?

As a business owner, time is a precious commodity. It’s essential to know the project timeline, so you can properly schedule around it. Ask your contractor to provide a clear timeline for the project. Knowing when the work will start and end will help you plan accordingly and ensure that the project is completed promptly.

5. How do you guarantee the quality of your work?

A reliable commercial painting contractor will back their work with a guarantee. Ask the contractor about their guarantee and how they handle any issues. It’s important to know that they will stand behind their work and fix any issues that may arise during or after the project.



Choosing the right commercial painting contractor is a significant decision that can impact your business. It’s important to ask the right questions before hiring a contractor to trust with the appearance of your facility, and these five questions are a great place to start. Make sure to ask about the type of paint used, licenses and insurance, references, project timeline, and guarantee of quality work. By asking these questions, you’ll be sure to hire the right commercial painting contractor that will meet your expectations and deliver high-quality results. If you need help with commercial painting in Orlando, FL, contact Lakestone Painting today for a free consultation.

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