Tips for Budgeting a Commercial Painting Project

Tips for Budgeting a Commercial Painting Project


Commercial painting projects can be costly and sometimes tricky to budget for. Whether you're looking to spruce up your storefront or give your warehouse an updated look, it's important to have a plan in place to avoid overspending. At Lakestone Painting, we understand the challenges of budgeting for commercial painting projects. That's why we've put together this guide to help you stay on track and within your budget.


1. Determine your priorities

Before starting your project, it's essential to determine your priorities. Which areas require the most attention or need to be addressed first? Are there any safety concerns that need to be addressed? Once you have a better idea of what your priorities are, you can allocate your budget more effectively.

2. Get multiple estimates

It's always a good idea to get multiple estimates for any project you undertake. This applies to commercial painting as well. Reputable painting contractors will be happy to provide you with an estimate based on the scope of the project. Be sure to review each estimate in depth to compare what is included to avoid unexpected additional charges.

3. Plan for unexpected costs

No matter how well you plan, there will inevitably be unexpected costs during any project. It's crucial to budget for these costs to avoid any surprises down the line. Factors such as unexpected repairs or the discovery of water damage can all add to the final cost of your commercial painting project.

4. Choose the right paint

If you want your commercial painting project to last, it's essential to choose the right paint. While cheaper paints may seem like a good option from a budget standpoint, they will ultimately cost you more in the long run. Using high-quality paint can prevent premature flaking, cracking, or chipping.

5. Prioritize maintenance

Maintaining your newly painted commercial space is crucial to its longevity and preserving your investment. Regular upkeep will prevent fading and help to avoid costly repairs down the line. We recommend investing in high-quality cleaning materials and instituting a maintenance plan that includes routine touch-ups and inspections.



Budgeting for a commercial painting project doesn't have to be a daunting task. By prioritizing your needs, getting multiple estimates, planning for unforeseen costs, choosing quality paint, and prioritizing maintenance, you can avoid costly mistakes and achieve a beautiful, long-lasting finish. If you're in need of professional commercial painting services in Orlando, FL, contact Lakestone Painting today. Our experienced team will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations.

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