Tips for a Successful Commercial Building Repainting Project

Tips for a Successful Commercial Building Repainting Project


Repainting your commercial building is a significant investment that should always be done with care and attention. Whether you want to boost the curb appeal of your property or modernize its look, a successful repainting project can reap significant returns. However, failure to plan properly for this project can be disastrous. Here are key tips to help you enjoy the benefits of a repainting project for your commercial building.


1. Hire a Professional Commercial Painting Company

Commercial painting is more complicated than residential painting. It requires specialized expertise in handling complicated painting projects, such as tall ceilings, slippery floors, high walls, and hard-to-reach areas. On top of that, exterior painting of commercial buildings can require an aerial lift, and adherence to specific safety protocols to minimize injury or accidents. It is essential to hire a professional painting contractor experienced in handling large-scale painting projects like commercial buildings. 

2. Choose the Right Paint Products

It's critical to choose the right paint products for your commercial painting project. When deciding on paint products, you should always keep in mind the specific needs of your commercial space. Some paint products are best for high-traffic areas such as corridors; others are ideal for environments with high humidity levels, or those prone to mold and mildew growth. Consult with a professional painting company like Lakestone Painting to guide you in choosing the best paint products for your space.

3. Schedule Painting Work Around Your Business Hours

Commercial painting projects can be messy and disruptive. This is why it's smart to schedule painting work around your business hours. A good commercial painting contractor should be flexible enough to work around your business schedule. This minimizes disruption to your business operations and ensures that the painting project runs smoothly without any delay.

4. Prepare Your Commercial Space Before Painting

Preparation is key to ensuring the success of your commercial painting project. Ensure that the painting contractor that you work with prepares your space before painting by covering or removing all furniture and equipment from the painting area. Additionally, the contractor should clean and prime all surfaces and apply base coats before applying the final coat of paint.

5. Get a Written Estimate Before the Painting Project Starts

Always ask for a written estimate from your painting contractor before the project commences. A written estimate outlines the anticipated project time-frame, anticipated costs, and the paint products that the contractor intends to use. This ensures that you know what to expect from the contractor before the project begins. It also minimizes the risk of hidden surprises that may crop up during the project.



Repainting a commercial building is an excellent way to give your business a fresh look while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. However, a successful commercial painting project requires careful planning and execution. At Lakestone Painting, we have years of commercial painting experience, have trained professionals at our disposal, and use quality paint products that meet your specific painting requirements. If you need help with commercial painting in Winter Springs, FL, contact Lakestone Painting today for a consultation on your commercial building project. Allow us to transform your commercial space into an appealing and functional environment that will take your business to the next level.

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