Paint Colors that Boost Your Mood

Paint Colors that Boost Your Mood

Your environment has an effect on your mood. The people around you, the places you go, and even the rooms you choose to sit in will influence how you feel. We are quickly learning that we have control over our own emotions. You can help boost your mood by controlling the influences in your life and using these tips from our professional painters in Orlando can help create a mood-boosting home.

What color are the walls in your bedroom? Did you pick those colors? Does the color you sit surrounded by promote happiness? These are questions that many people don't consider. However, they ARE questions you need to ask yourself. When you find yourself in need of a change, there are several ways to answer the call. While some move, travel, or just change their scenery all together, maybe all you need is a fresh coat of paint. The colors you surround yourself with in your home will absolutely influence your mood. These are a few paint colors to consider to boost your mood when you spend time in certain spaces in your home.

For a Boost of Happiness

You can try to paint the walls in your home warm and vibrant colors. Pinks and yellows are perfect for this. The color yellow is most commonly associated with laughter, sunshine, and hope. Pink is often associated with kindness and love. It is warm and calming. These two colors will provoke the feelings of happiness and peace in you.

For a Boost of Focus

You should try and stick with neutral shades. Neutral shades, such as light blue, can be relaxing. Almost tranquil. The paint colors of white and gray offer a balance to color palettes. Honestly, they have the same impact on living space. These shades will limit distractions and can often times lead to inspiration.

For a Boost of Calm

Blues and greens can bring peace. These tranquility promoting colors are traditional and can almost be explained in their mood enhancing effects. If you are out on a walk, you are likely surrounded by the greenery of nature, with a clear blue sky above. You can elicit that feeling of being outside with fresh air, surrounded by nature. Also, a lot of the blues and greens that will promote calm have light touches of gray. This allows the colors to adapt those easygoing traits of the grays.

To Boost Your Social Rooms

Consider the general mood you are hoping to inspire. It is important to have your spaces customized to you. However, we all have friends. You want to have at least one space that is designed for them. Family and friends are going to be visiting you, so help boost their moods with cheerful and energetic rooms. Saturated greens, reds, and pinks can boost the room’s energy. These colors are super lively and can help spark conversation and bring an exciting atmosphere.

If you want to change the paint colors in your home to boost your mood, contact our professional painters in Orlando to get started today.

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