Commercial Painting Tips for Hotels & Restaurants

Commercial Painting Tips for Hotels & Restaurants


First impressions are critical in any business setting. A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way for hotels and restaurants to create a welcoming ambiance that sets the tone for a positive experience for guests. With so many painted surfaces, public areas, and rooms, commercial painting for a hotel or restaurant is a complex and time-consuming process. There are several aspects to consider when planning for a painting project in a hotel or restaurant setting. From the type of paint and color selection to scheduling and environmental considerations, it can be overwhelming. In this blog post, we will discuss some essential commercial painting tips for hotels and restaurants.


1. Color Selection

Color selection is crucial when it comes to painting your business property. The color scheme you choose can impact the customers' mood, perception, and behavior. Different color hues and shades can evoke different emotional reactions. To create a welcoming environment, it is essential to choose the right color palette that aligns with your brand identity and desired atmosphere. For example, warm colors like yellows and oranges tend to stimulate the appetite and create a lively atmosphere, making them ideal for restaurants.

2. Choose the Right Paint

Hotels and restaurants have a high volume of guest traffic, which means their painted surfaces are exposed to constant wear and tear. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a durable, high-quality paint that can withstand heavy usage and human traffic. Consider using low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint options to minimize the harmful emissions and odor while remaining eco-friendly.

3. Preparation

Before the painting team starts, ensure that all necessary preparations have been made. This includes covering floors, furniture, and appliances to protect them from paint splatters. The painting team should thoroughly clean and sand the surfaces to ensure that the paint adheres well, reducing the need for frequent repainting.

4. Schedule the Painting Project

Timing is everything when it comes to painting a busy establishment like a hotel or restaurant. It's crucial to schedule the painting project during slow periods or off-seasons to minimize disruptions for clients. Hotels and restaurants can work with a commercial painting contractor like Lakestone Painting to develop a schedule that meets the business's operating needs and minimizes downtime.

5. Work with Professionals

Finally, it is essential to work with a professional commercial painting contractor. They have the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle the unique challenges of commercial painting in hotels and restaurants. Professional painters adhere to industry standards and best practices, ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.



In conclusion, a new coat of paint can do wonders to revamp your hotel or restaurant. Choosing the right color, paint, and working with a professional commercial painting contractor like Lakestone Painting can help you create a unique and welcoming ambiance. By following these commercial painting tips, hotels and restaurants can ensure a successful project with minimal downtime and disruption. Contact us today for a free consultation if you need help with commercial painting in Orlando, FL.

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