5 Cleaning Tips to Make Cleanup a Breeze

5 Cleaning Tips to Make Cleanup a Breeze

Are you tired of always having to take hours to clean up after a painting project? When you dread the cleanup, you may find yourself doing anything to avoid painting your walls or updating your home. However, with the help of our professionals in commercial painting in Winter Springs, you can save yourself time and energy on the entire project. Cleaning up does not have to take so long or be as exhausting as it seems. These are a few tips to help make cleaning up after your painting project a simple task.

Use Drop Cloths

To avoid making any messes, spills, or splatters on your surroundings, use a drop cloth. If you cannot find a drop cloth or you do not have any handy, use cardboard boxes. Lay them flat along the floor as you paint the walls nearby, as this will prevent any drips that can occur during the project. When you protect your surroundings, you avoid making mistakes or having a lot to clean up or wipe when you are done.

Use a Spackle Knife

Many people dread having to tape off the area along the perimeter of the wall they are painting. This can leave you with spills or messes along the bordering walls or trim. Instead of taking the lengthy amount of time to tape, wedge a slim spackle knife alongside the trim and wall as you paint. This will prevent you from painting over these areas and it will leave you with a fine line when you are done.

Keep a Wet Towel Handy

As you paint, you will encounter drips or splatters. Instead of ignoring them, you should clean as you go. This will prevent the paint from drying and being more difficult to remove later. Keep a wet towel or old rag nearby so that you can quickly wipe these drips or spills as they occur. This will be a quick job that you’ll be happy to tackle quickly before it dries.

Use Lotion

One of the most difficult parts of the clean up process is removing any paint from your skin. It is likely that you have dripped paint on your hands or wrists as you paint, and this can be difficult to remove after it dries. If you do not notice these drips as they occur, you will be left to scrub your hands voraciously afterwards. Sometimes, applying a coat of lotion will help to loosen up the paint and make it easier to wash off.

Use Mineral Spirits

To remove paint from your brushes, you will want to get some mineral spirits to make this process go quicker. Apply a small amount of mineral spirits to your paint brush bristles and this will make it easier to rinse any paint from the brushes. It is important to thoroughly wash your paint brushes to make sure they are good for repeat usage.

By following these tips, you can make any cleanup simple after you done painting your home, walls, or siding. If you are looking for professionals to help with your commercial painting in Winter Springs, trust the team at Lakestone Painting. Contact us to hear about our range of painting services for your area today.

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