4 Painting Tips from the Pros

4 Painting Tips from the Pros

Are you preparing to paint the rooms in your home? Giving your room a fresh update can be easy when you switch out the paint colors. By refreshing the wall color in your home, you can transform the space and make it feel brand new. If you are tired of the outdated colors or you want to create a refreshed space, you should consider painting. Once you select your paint colors, get all of your equipment, and prepare your home for the painting project, you’ll want to get started. Before you start, you should know about these painting tips that even the pros use to prevent mistakes and create a beautiful painting job.

Start with the Trim

Professional painters often follow a specific pattern when they are painting a new room. First, they start with the trim and the surrounding areas. Then, they will go towards the ceiling. This allows them to do all the edge work first, and then they can roll paint along the rest of the wall. By performing detail work first, they can pay more attention to detail on the edges.

Clear the Room First

Before we start any painting job, our painters in Winter Springs, FL take time to clear your space. Cleaning the area will reduce the amount of clutter all over the floor, which removes any tripping hazards and makes your job go much smoother. If you have a lot of furniture inside the room, take away any of the pieces that you do not plan to keep as you change the room. Place all of the furniture you are keeping in the center of the room, which will make it easier to paint the walls without needing to move things in the middle of your project.

Fill All Holes

Many people may think that even the smallest holes in your wall will be covered smoothly with a new coat of paint. This is an incorrect assumption. Sometimes, a new coat of paint can actually accentuate some of those small holes and dents in your wall. Before you paint the walls, take plaster or putty to fill all of the holes – even the smallest ones. This will create a smooth coat once you adhere that layer of paint.

Use Drop Cloths

One way to save yourself from cleaning up a big mess after the job is complete is to use a drop cloth. Drop clothes can save you from plenty of drips or splashes when you are in the middle of your painting job. Be sure to cover any furniture, carpet, or floors that are exposed to the areas you are painting. Move the drop cloth along the path you are painting to give yourself full coverage. Even the pros make small mistakes and need to stay protected.

These are a few tips that can help you paint like the pros. If you want to paint rooms in your home, you may even want to consider hiring painters in Winter Springs to take care of all of your painting needs. Contact Lakestone Painting to hear more about residential painting services today.

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