Three Things to Look for in Your Commercial Painter

Three Things to Look for in Your Commercial Painter

Are you a building manager or property owner? Do you need a painter to freshen up the aesthetics of your building? If you've never had your building professionally painted, or you have but weren't pleased with the results, you might wonder what to look for in a commercial painter? Our experts on commercial painting in Orlando offer these things to look for when hiring a commercial painter to provide quality results and excellent service.

Bonding, Licensing, and Insurance

If you research and engage a professional and respected painting contractor, you're likely to have your job completed correctly and on time. Nevertheless, there are circumstances when even the most promising company can have issues. First, ensure the business you hire is bonded to evade being stranded with an unfinished project you've already paid for. Then, you can file a claim with the state contractors' board and get reimbursement for your payment.

Avoid hiring any commercial painter without a valid state-issued license. Ask for verification of licensure before considering a company because licensed painters must comply with professional regulations and standards that benefit you greatly. Your painting contractor should also carry general liability and workers' compensation insurance to protect them and their employees on-site in case of injury. Should one of your residents, workers, guests, or clients get injured due to their negligence, it protects your interest.

Commercial Painting Experience

Don't hire an amateur to save some money painting your facility. You'll likely get a disappointing result because they aren't familiar with the specific needs and techniques demanded in commercial painting. Commercial painting requires a distinct skill set compared to residential painting. A more comprehensive assortment of materials and surfaces are often involved in commercial buildings that you won't find in houses. Further preparation techniques and tools are needed. The painting company you select should specify the most suitable approaches and products to deliver the most enduring results. Look for a firm that has been in business for a while and has verified results with commercial jobs.


Regardless of your commercial painter's experience, you must be confident that he will do an excellent job. One way to be sure is to ask the contractor for a checklist of their past commercial clients. Then, contact these firms to obtain feedback on the quality of the work, customer service, and other essential criteria. For example, was the job on time and within budget? Did the painters clean up or leave behind a mess? Were they respectful of ongoing operations, doing their best to minimize disturbances?

An additional source to examine a company's prestige is online reviews. Google, Angi, Yelp, Home Advisor, and other review sites help you discover what previous clients have encountered. A great review website for businesses in the service industry is the Diamond Certified organization. They conduct random 3rd party interviews of a business's confirmed customers, so you can rely on the survey outcomes to be impartial.

These are just a few things to look for in your painting contractor. Contact us today if you need commercial painting in Orlando.

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