Selecting the Best Paint for Interior Trim

Selecting the Best Paint for Interior Trim

If you're preparing to have us paint the trim in your house, you might be wondering what makes exemplary trim in the first place. As your regional interior trim painters, we understand there's only one solution: If you want your trim to look amazing, you need to have excellent paint. Of course, you could hire the best house trim painters on the planet, but if they're not operating with a high-quality paint product, your trim won't look as good as it should.

Our Interior Trim Paint is the Finest There is

Fortunately, our company has both the best interior trim painters and the highest quality products. Our painters in Orlando use the best paint available for interior trim painting projects. It is a highly durable trim enamel that bonds exceptionally well to challenging surfaces like old oil or alkyd finishes and dries to a more rigid finish vs. conventional latex trim paints. In addition, it's an industrial enamel with a lovely flow. And being the industry authority in the paint category, we only employ the best products for your house.

Proven the Best Paint for Interior Trim Projects

Before employing the paint as the sole paint for our interior trim, we did plenty of research. The paint we chose was blind tested against eight products across five unique categories: Bonding, Hardness, Leveling, Flow — or how it feels coming off the paintbrush — and Coverage.

This paint came out above the rest in all categories, and the competition wasn't even tight. As a result, this trim paint is superior to any others on the market today. Many offered their opinions about the paint, and the agreement is the same. The paint we use is the interior trim paint that will provide you with the best results. Most of the trim we paint is classic white, and this paint delivers a lovely and clean white hue that you're going to really love.

Environmental Influence of Our Interior Trim Paint

The interior trim paint we use for our services meets state EPA compliance regulations. While it isn't a no-VOC paint, it is on the respectable side of the border of VOC observation.

Why Our Paint Is So Significant

You may be shocked that we put so much effort into ensuring we have the best available paint for your interior trim project. But that's simply indicative of everything we do on the job. We're not attempting to get through as many homes as possible — we're endeavoring to provide each of our clients with the best venture possible.

We want you to understand you're acquiring a paint job that looks amazing and will survive the test of time. That's why we ensure our painters are as highly-trained as feasible and that we employ the best paints we can locate. Contact us today to learn more about our services or book a free color consultation. Our painters in Orlando are here for you!

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