Matching Wall Paint with Furnishings

Matching Wall Paint with Furnishings

It is an age-old story: which arrived first, the furniture or the paint? Of course, the answer is always subject to change, depending on the circumstances. However, there is a shred of an art that comes into play when decorating your home, just like when you are coordinating an outfit to wear every day. So how do you go about matching up your decorative preferences to the colors that paint the theme of your home?

Here are some easy tips from our experts on commercial painting in Orlando to help you put together that cohesive look that you have always dreamed of having!

1. Assess Your Lighting

Take a close look at the room of choice for your painting project. Is it little or big? Does it feature floor to ceiling windows or no glimmer of sunlight from outside? If the space is small, opt for a paler palette to produce a more spacious feel. Conversely, darker colors will close in a confined space and add drama to a bigger room that requires pulling together for a cozy impression.

2. Consider a Neutral Palette

If your furnishings make a statement- for instance, an orange or red sofa, we recommend selecting a more neutral background. By selecting a gray, tan, or white shade, you will highlight that daring style and compliment it, producing a more relaxing feeling.

3. Consider Complementary Colors

Try taking a look at your friend, the color wheel to keep your space aesthetically pleasing! Take the color of your sofa or furniture selection of choice, and match a color opposite on the wheel. Contrasting colors on the wheel add distinction to your style! If the look is too daring for your taste, choose from within the same color family.

4. Offer Yourself Alternatives

Once you have a clear idea of the look you hope to create, choose a few potential palettes. Now when we say a few, we mean ten or more. You don't want to force yourself into a color that is going to be anything less than perfect! Come home with your samples and hold them against your furnishings, asking yourself, "How does this combination make me feel?" It is essential to ensure that the color you are picking reflects your style accurately.

Redecorating, redesigning, and painting can be quite a challenging process. However, you are more likely to be pleased with the final results by attacking your projects with a plan.

If you determine that you need some assistance or have changed your mind about that modern zebra print wall, you can always contact our experts on residential and commercial painting, and they will paint your walls quickly and beautifully. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time, and our focus on customer satisfaction will exceed your expectations with every service we provide.

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