Is It Time to Paint My Exterior Surfaces?

Is It Time to Paint My Exterior Surfaces?

Have you noticed peeling paint or are ready to make a change to your curb appeal? When you are no longer satisfied with the paint color of your home, you may want to make a striking change to your home with just a few new shades of paint. As painters in Winter Springs, we are here to help you decide when you should paint the exterior surfaces around your home. These are just a few of the telltale signs that it may be time to paint your exterior.

Your Paint is Peeling

Anytime you notice peeling paint on the outside surfaces of your home, you should consider repainting. Although you may not be able to notice this on the upper level of your home, you may see some paint shavings on the ground around the base of your home. This is just one way to tell that your paint is peeling. Once paint starts to peel, you leave the materials underneath vulnerable to damage from wind, water, and weather, which can lead to expensive repairs if neglected.

You Have Faded Paint Colors

Many people may neglect faded paint colors simply because they just think it is an issue with aesthetic. However, it can lead to much more serious issues if this problem is not resolved. Faded paint colors can indicate that your home is exposed to extreme UV sunlight, which can degrade the quality of your construction materials over time. With a new shade of paint, you can protect these surfaces from the sun and also boost the appearance.

Your House is Cracking

When you notice any spider-like cracks on the side of your home, this indicates that there is an issue with the paint. Once the paint starts to crack, your paint starts to fail. This means that it will soon start to fade or chip, and you will want to stay ahead of these problems. Instead, you should repaint your home.

You Spot Water Stains or Mold

Any time you notice any water stains or mold growth, you will want to tackle these issues as soon as possible. Not only will this cause some eyesores on your curb appeal, but they indicate much larger issues at play. In fact, you will likely need to remove the paint underneath to fix any damage that may have made their way into the construction materials of your home. Once you make these repairs, you can repaint your exterior surfaces to ensure a final, beautiful, finished result.

When you notice any of these signs, you may want to consider painting the exterior surfaces around your home. Brick, siding, tiles, and other surfaces can be easily repainted to create a beautiful and updated curb appeal. If you are looking for experienced painters in Winter Springs, contact Lakestone Painting to hear about our residential painting services today.

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