How to Properly Clean Your Paintbrushes

How to Properly Clean Your Paintbrushes

Paintbrushes are an expensive investment that should be protected so you can keep them in optimal shape for repeated usage. This requires maintenance and proper clean up after you paint. Keeping your paintbrushes soft and usable for the next job requires proper cleaning methods after each use. As painters in Orlando, we understand the methods to protect your brushes and rollers so they stay fresh each time you need them. These are a few steps to take to properly clean your paintbrushes after each use.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solvent

There is not only one type of cleaning solvent that will remove every type of paint. Be sure that you read the instructions on your paint can to decide what type of cleaning solvent you need to safely remove the paint from your brushes. Typically, oil-based paints can be safely removed using mineral spirits or paint thinner. When you use water-based paints, you can usually remove this paint with soap and warm water.

Avoid the Sink

Many people likely take to their garage sinks to rinse out their paintbrushes. Try to avoid this habit, as it can lead to clogged drains that can eventually cause even more problems. Instead, use a clean container to rinse your paintbrushes safely. After you are done, you can simply clean out the container or let the solvent evaporate by letting the container sit for a few days in a safe location.

Work the Paint Out of the Brush

Rinsing or soaking the paintbrush is never enough to completely clean the paint out of the bristles. You will need to agitate the brush to remove all of the paint. This can be done by gently moving your fingers through the bristles. Use a brushing motion to avoid damaging any of the bristles, and do not pull backward, twist, or push down on the bristles, as this can cause breakage.

Take Your Time

Once you think the paintbrush is clean, take the time to clean it again. Be sure that you remove the solvent from the brush after you remove all the paint. By taking your time, you ensure that the brush is thoroughly cleaned and fully rinsed. After you are finished, you can trust that no paint or solvent is left behind to dry out or damage any bristles.

Dry the Brush

After a thorough cleaning, you should set your brushes out to dry completely. Do not just throw them back into the painting supply bin until they are fully dried out, as this can lead them to become damaged or moldy. Use a paper towel to help encourage the brush to dry and ensure that no color is left behind.

Many people may not realize that cleaning paintbrushes requires attention and time after each use. To keep them in optimal shape, you need to take this time or else they can dry out and become unusable. If you are looking to hire professional painters in Orlando to save the hassle of painting and clean up, trust Lakestone Painting.

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