How to Choose the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Space

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Space

Design trends can often clutter our heads with bold ideas that may not necessarily translate into our own spaces and homes. These trends make us feel as though we need to jump on the bandwagon and create replicated spaces within our own homes – even if it doesn’t reflect the style or personality we want to capture. Avoid making this mistake by choosing paint colors that you truly want with the help of our painters in Orlando. These are a few tips to help you choose the right paint colors and palette for your own home.

Match Your Current Color Palette

Before you start evaluating the color choices of new paint colors for your home, take some time to assess the current colors. Which colors are your favorite? What is the overall style and aesthetic in the rest of your home? By taking your current style and color palette into consideration, you can narrow down the color selection and streamline the process.

Take a Look at Your Clothes

This may seem like a strange tip, but your style is already reflected somewhere in your home: your closet. Look through the closet to notice certain colors, patterns, or styles. You will likely see color favorites or trends emerge – which means that these are already colors you prefer. Also, mix and match some of the current colors you have in your closet to play around with potential combinations that could work. Do you want to add an accent piece? This is a great way to play around with colors that you already like to see what goes well together.

Consider Tone

When it comes to choosing paint colors, you want to consider the tone and personality of each space. Are you trying to create a relaxing room, or do you want to create a bold, dramatic space? Paint colors will help you create style and personality in the space – and you need to think of this vision before you start looking at paint swatches. The wrong colors can throw off the entire vibe of the space, making it difficult to concentrate in office areas or making it tough to fall asleep or relax in bedroom spaces. Consider tone and function before selecting paint.

Inspect Your Furniture

Is your room already furnished? If so, you want to consider the textures and colors of the current furniture. When you have dark furniture, you may want to create contrast with a lighter wall color. On the contrary, you may want to create all-neutral spaces with all bright colors to rejuvenate or refresh the entire area. Consider furniture that will go into these spaces before you choose your paint color to ensure that everything suits the tone and mood you want to create.

Choosing the perfect paint palette can be a daunting and difficult task, but it can be made much easier with these tips from the pros. When you are ready to start painting your space, give our painters in Orlando a call today!

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