Four Tips to Create the Perfect Accent Wall

Four Tips to Create the Perfect Accent Wall

Do you want to make a dramatic statement in your living room or bedroom? Are you looking to add appeal with an accent wall? When it comes to interior design, bold, dramatic statements are currently all the rage. Accent walls can give a facelift to any room in your home – with just a coat of paint! As painters in Winter Springs, we have performed countless jobs to make your home fresh, clean, and attractive. When it comes to creating the perfect accent wall, we have all the tips you need.

Start with Inspiration

When it comes to personalizing your space with a dramatic touch, you want to be thoughtful in the planning process. Take time to consider the room and the overall feeling you are looking to create. Draw inspiration from online photos or design ideas in magazines. We recommend creating a mood board with other pieces in the room, like furniture, flooring, and other accessories that you want to enhance the space. When you can visualize the space, you can make a better decision about the right paint color.

Consider Adding Texture

Although a coat of paint can go a long way, you may also want to consider adding some texture to your walls. It has become popular to add wood elements, stones, or wallpaper to small spaces to add appeal and design features. Start with a unique paint color and then add other features, like mirrors or photos to create a gallery wall. When you add textures to your wall, you create a fascinating piece of art that’ll create intrigue in any room.

Choose the Right Wall

Many people might assume that the biggest wall in your room is the right accent wall. This isn’t always true. Before you grab that paintbrush, take a closer look at your space. Walk into the room and notice where your eyes travel to naturally. Which wall attracts your attention the most? Take a look at other elements in the room, like windows, doors, and walkways. If there are too many distractions already on that wall, it is likely not the one for a feature display. Choose a wall that naturally attracts your attention but also have plenty of space for the design elements you plan to feature.

Trust the Pros

When it comes to creating the perfect accent wall, you may be better off leaving this job to the pros. Our painting professionals understand how to add visual appeal to any space with a fresh coat of paint. We ensure that the job is done cleanly and properly so that you are left with a masterpiece to enjoy after we leave.

By following these tips, you can create the perfect accent wall to add contrast and appeal to any room in the house. If you are looking for quality painters in Winter Springs to take care of your painting needs, contact Lakestone Painting to get started today!

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