Five Tips for Hiring Painters in Orlando

Five Tips for Hiring Painters in Orlando

Operating a business involves considerable details that can leave you stressed out. When aesthetic modifications are essential, it often feels like one more thing on a never-ending to-do list. Hiring painters in Orlando allows your company to look its best without significant downtime for your operation. Use these five tips for hiring the finest commercial painting contractors.

Employ Professionals

There's an ample price gap between employing a handyperson to paint your walls and using a professional painting company with proficiency and background in jobs like yours. Lower costs may lead to less than stellar results and potential repairs. Messy walls transmit the incorrect message to your clients. In the end, the price might be more than hiring professional painters. Working with painting pros means more experience and the mandated licensing, bonding, and insurance to back their work.

Compare at least three commercial painting contractors

A brief Google search will locate several painters in your area. Schedule times with some to discuss your project requirements. You'll want options. Ask each for facts on their procedures, guarantees, deposits, repairs, and timelines. For exterior jobs, ask about inclement weather procedures.

Interview potential commercial painting contractors

Do not hesitate to ask questions during your estimate visit. You need to feel completely satisfied with the firm you select. So be sure to consider the following questions: How did the business treat you? Were you handled punctually and professionally? Did they answer all your questions? These answers exemplify how the firm will care for you throughout the entire project.

Beyond discussing the specific details of your needs, here are more broad questions you should ask potential contractors:

  • How long has your firm been in business?
  • What kind of paint do you use, and how many coats do you apply?
  • What protective equipment and measures do your employees utilize?
  • How do you manage paint spills?
  • Do you use any subcontractors?

Your estimator should easily answer all these questions. If they waver or don't know, move on to another contractor on your list.

Request references and follow up with them

References are a starting point for choosing a painter. Of course, no painter gives you references for a job that had issues or went amiss. Still, review the references and have a straightforward conversation with the customers. In conjunction, you should do independent research into online reviews because these often offer a more neutral view of different jobs the company has conducted.

Always get everything in writing

An estimator can supply you with broad ideas of the work you require and its costs. Next, either following your meeting or through email later, you should receive a complete listing of the necessary labor and fees to complete it. Finally, sidestep a scrawled estimate on a business card or notepad. Your estimate needs to contain the following:

  • Expected beginning and ending dates
  • Timetables for each work day
  • Prep and clean up details
  • Any appropriate warranties
  • Expense expectations, including a schedule

Learn more about our commercial painting services by exploring our site further. We'd love for you to consider us as your commercial painters in Orlando, so schedule your free estimate to meet with us now.

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