Five Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Paint Job

Five Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Paint Job

Everything needs to appear and feel perfect when you own or manage a business. That's why it is essential to invest in a high-quality paint job for your establishment to start with, and that's also why you need to focus on routine paint job maintenance after the initial paint application. But what precisely should you focus on for the best results possible?

Our experts on commercial painting in Winter Springs offer this look at a few commercial painting maintenance suggestions that will help keep your facility looking great for years in the future:

Focus on the Exterior

When you own or manage a business, your building's exterior says a lot about your upkeep and attention to detail. First, make sure that your facility's exterior paint job looks fantastic. How? Carefully inspect your structure's façade on a quarter-by-quarter basis, making small and minor restorations and touch-ups to confirm your facility communicates what you desire it to about your brand.

Pressure Washing When Needed

Pressure washing is a terrific way to focus on your building's exterior. Consider pressure washing on a regular basis, and you'll discover that your paint job continues to shine even as it ages. Dust, soil, grime, pollen, and other imperfections can prematurely age a paint job that would otherwise have many years left.

Know Some Essential Cleaning Tricks

Are you dealing with mildew and mold? A bit of household bleach combined with water will do the trick. Do you need to remove rust stains from your facility's exterior? A half cup of Epsom salt combined with water will help remove that corrosion. As noted, use a pressure washer for primary dirt and grime that's sure to assemble on the exterior over time.

Be mindful of Your Utilities

A lot of impairment to paint both inside and outside is connected to your utilities. Your air conditioner specifically can leak and induce significant harm to your facility's paint job. By organizing regular maintenance practices for your air conditioning system, you're also assisting in preventing impairment to your facility's paint job, both inside and outside.

Invest in Routine Maintenance

You can decide to neglect your commercial paint job and spend money on a costly paint re-application in just a couple of years. Or, you can invest in routine commercial paint maintenance and obtain many more years out of your current paint job — while saving yourself a bunch of money. Take advantage of preventative care measures, and guarantee your paint job functions for years in the future.

Follow these tips to protect your commercial paint job from premature damage and save yourself lots of money down the road. Then, if you need residential or commercial painting in Winter Springs, contact us for a free quote and let us show you how we exceed client expectations with every service we provide.

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