Feature Wall Painting FAQs

Feature Wall Painting FAQs

A huge fashion staple right now, feature walls present an easy way to emphasize one aspect of a room. There are many reasons people are so obsessed with feature walls, including:

  • They can make a space more eye-catching.
  • They are more affordable than painting an entire room.
  • They are an ideal way to test a new color without committing to painting the entire room.
  • Renters can produce a distinctive look and efficiently paint the wall back to its initial color when moving out.
  • They can emphasize a feature point in the space.

Here are answers to some common questions about feature walls from our experts on residential and commercial painting in Winter Springs:

How do I choose a feature wall?

Whichever wall you select should ideally be the first one you notice when you walk into the room. A feature wall should instantly draw the eye. Is there something you are attempting to highlight? The fireplace? A piece of artwork? Your bookshelf? You could paint a nook—or the inner rear of a shelf—if you decide to play it even safer while testing out a new look. You could also highlight a picture window, but it's a less favored choice for designers because the window or door breaks up the wall. Nevertheless, it can still look amazing. A common element to paint is a chimney breast (the wall over a fireplace).

What color should I pick?

It's a feature wall, so make it a special color or hue in the room (or it might match one other scant color, like a pillow accent). Become familiar with the color wheel and color theory or obtain the opinion of a paint professional. For less distinction, two shades of the same color, with the deeper one on your feature wall, can provide you with a more modest look.

Choose colors on opposite ends of the color wheel if you prefer high contrast. Cool shades, such as blues, are more suitable for bathrooms and bedrooms, whereas warm shades, such as yellows and orangey reds, are excellent for a living space. Take into account the hue of your furnishings, flooring, and fabrics. If you're painting a little room, use lighter colors near the feature wall to form the illusion of space.

What type of paint should I utilize?

Determine if you like a glossy or a matte finish. You could also choose specialty paints, like metallics or chalkboard paint. If you prefer a pattern, alternating stripes are a suitable, simple choice. If you're doing it yourself, use a level and painter's tape to achieve even stripes. If you paint a design, opt for something bold with a considerable pattern for a more impressive result. Textures are also visually appealing; layer two hues, opt for a faux finish, or paint a straightforward stencil.

What else can I do to make the feature wall stand out?

On top of the reflections presented above, you could add extra light fixtures on a feature wall – lights near a fireplace, over an art piece, within a shelving unit—if you have something, in particular, you want to accentuate on the wall.

We hope you get some use from our answers to FAQs about feature walls. Contact us today if you need commercial painting in Winter Springs and schedule a free consultation.

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