Common Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Common Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Painting the exterior of your house is one of the most suitable ways to accomplish the curb appeal you've been pursuing. Flawlessly applied exterior paint illustrates that you have pride in the location you call home, and it delivers your home that memorable pop that draws the gazes of passers-by. Exterior paint is not only appealing but also defensive. It shields wood and other veneers from corrosion and early failure. However, painting a home's exterior is much different than painting the inside, and it's not something to leap into with little preparation and understanding.

Our painters in Winter Springs offer these common exterior painting mistakes that you should avoid when embarking on an exterior paint project.

Hurrying the Prep Phase

It's easy to hurry into painting the surface of your dwelling too fast. After all, the faster you start, the quicker you'll witness impressive results. Nevertheless, it's crucial to adequately prep for the best possible results.

Our experts will accomplish the following prep work before getting out the paint brushes:

  • Scrape away any loose paint chips.
  • Sand away the rough edges that remain. A smooth exterior allows new paint to spread more seamlessly.
  • Comprehensively clean the surface that we will paint. Clear all dirt, dust, and other residues. A pressure washer is a beautiful way to clear the debris, but if this method is employed, the surface must dry for a day or two before painting. Confirming the surface that we will paint is at the proper moisture content is essential. Painting an exterior with too high moisture content can usher in early paint failure.
  • Restore areas that are decaying or deteriorating.
  • Caulk all open seams.

Prepping is the most complex and time-consuming element of painting the surface of your house. That's why we carefully take the time to perform all the above tasks. But, of course, we want the final product to surpass your anticipations.

Overlooking the Primer

Another significant mistake rookie painters make when painting a home's exterior is skipping the priming stage. It's crucial to use a few coats of primer on any timber that has never been painted, has been stripped, or has weathered. Primer helps the paint stick properly.

Utilizing the Incorrect Paint

For a beginner trying to paint their house's exterior independently, it's easy to select the wrong paint. While shade is undeniably vital, it's just as critical to choose a paint that's designed for exterior usage. A high-quality acrylic latex color is most suitable for ultimate durability. These paints are usually more costly, but they can endure the elements and survive much longer than cheap paint products.

Not Understanding When to Contact the Professionals

Hurrying through the painting operation is typical and often results in a paint job that does not fulfill your anticipations. This can be a significant waste of time and capital. It's helpful to leave the painting to the experts who guarantee your exterior paint job is finished correctly and defies the elements for decades.

Residents located in the Orlando area can turn to our experts. We are equipped with some of the most experienced painters in the industry. So allow our painters in Winter Springs to create the fantasy you've envisioned for your house without any unnecessary stress.

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