Best Paint Shades for Selling Your Home

Best Paint Shades for Selling Your Home

When marketing your house, you want to create the best possible impression on possible buyers with the most suitable paint colors for selling a house. You need them to visualize themselves being comfortable, happy, and safe in the residence the moment they glimpse it. Therefore, it is critical to keep your dwelling in good condition, as is staging it with attractive furnishings and décor. But before buyers can enjoy your freshly washed windows or the elegant arrangement on your mantel, they will be impacted by your house's paint colors. If you're preparing to place your home on the market, now is the ideal time to assess how the selected shades can impact its curb appeal and resale value. The best residential paint shades for selling a home can profoundly affect how homebuyers react to yours. Revising your exterior and living areas with fresh, new shades may make the difference between obtaining a quick offer or having your house linger on the market.

Evaluate the Exterior

Everyone's preferences are different, so the most suitable exterior paint shade to sell a home will largely rely on the eye of the beholder. For example, you may love how your lavender cottage looks against the sunset sky, but not everybody will share your confidence. There are, however, several solid options that paint color consultants suggest that can improve your chances of appealing to a wide swath of buyers. With this in mind, our experts on commercial painting in Orlando offer some of the best shades to paint a home for sale.


A deep blue can make white window frames and additional architectural elements stand out. On the other hand, selecting a lighter shade can give your house a relaxed, airy vibe.


You might associate it with rainy days, but this classic color can produce a lovely look. Also, if your house's exterior includes stone or other crude materials, gray can blend well with them.


This color is trendy now with a combination of gray and beige. It's neutral and traditional but remains enough of a novelty that it can help your home stand out from the remainder of the community.

Planning the Interiors

Extrapolating the most suitable interior paint colors for marketing a home is a bit more complex than selecting exterior paint. That's because each space serves a distinct function — and emphasizing those distinctions can help maximize the charm of the entire house. For example, a restful hue works for a bedroom but might make your dining room seem lackluster. So here are a few more tips for discovering the fitting home staging paint hues.


Many individuals prefer stainless steel appliances today, which means a neutral shade on the walls will help keep the area from feeling too closed in. Light gray, taupe, or off-white may work well in these locations.


Buyers react to restrooms that are spotless and roomy. This is why fresh shades are a suitable choice.

Living rooms

The primary living space of your house should be a hospitable and comfortable environment. Browns, beiges, and greiges can assist in creating a welcoming environment.

Bedrooms — Hues that look good after sunset and create a comfortable, relaxed environment are the most useful here. Deep grays are a great choice.

Dining rooms — This fun space will be at its most beautiful with a fierce, cosmopolitan color. A deep slate with blue undertones can assist in making this social space seem inviting while delivering a dramatic setting for shared feasts.

No perfect combination of shades will convince a buyer to make an offer. However, it's essential to understand how much a new coat of paint can transform how your property is perceived. Heed this guidance, and you might be able to take down your For Sale sign faster than you anticipate. Plus, our expert color advisors can help! We always meet with clients and help them select the right colors and paint their houses to prepare to sell. Contact us today for residential and commercial painting in Orlando.

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