5 Office Paint Colors to Boost Productivity

5 Office Paint Colors to Boost Productivity

Having an office space that focuses on both productivity and functionality is important whether you work in a home office or in an office space at a commercial building. When it comes time to create an office suitable for your work environment, you need to first consider paint colors. As professionals that provide commercial painting in Winter Springs, we have painted many workspaces that have made a difference in both appearance and emotion. Paint colors are a great way to evoke a positive feeling and stimulate productivity while working. These are a few paint colors that work great in office spaces to boost productivity.

Light Greens

Hues of light greens are good for promoting positive energy and calmness. By painting your office space green, you can also work to relieve stress. Green colors are known to reduce stress, which can also promote workplace productivity by reducing distractions that cause stress. Many people choose lighter greens so that they can have positivity and calmness in their office.

Shades of Blue

Like green, blue is also known to relieve stress and promote calm energy. Shades are blue are known to promote efficiency and focus, which is ideal for a work environment, like an office space or commercial building. By painting your office blue, you can also enhance the calm energy inside your space. Blues stimulate the mind, which can lead to additional productivity while you are at work.


If you have a more creative job, you may want to paint the office space or studio a shade of yellow. Yellows are known to promote creativity. Those who create art, design graphics, or write for a living may choose to paint their office a shade of yellow to stimulate this side of the brain and boost their creative process. Yellow is also known to make you happier and brighten your energy when you are in the office, which can make your work an enjoyable process.


While whites may seem stale or boring, they can also be clean and refreshing. When you have too much going on with your walls, you can actually distract your mind from the tasks at hand. Consider whites or creams that provide both warmth and freshness to your space. These colors will brighten your office space and remove any distractions, promoting focus and attention towards work-related tasks.

Shades of Gray

Gray is another popular color to paint your office, as it is a neutral color that does not stimulate any specific emotion. This can be beneficial when you are focusing on work tasks, as you remove any particular emotional aspect from the job. Gray is also available in a range of hues, so you can choose the level of brightness you want in your specific office space.

By choosing the right colors for your office, you can create an environment that both stimulates productivity and is alluring and beautiful to work in. If you are looking for help to create the office space that you want, trust our professionals in commercial painting in Winter Springs for our expertise.

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